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Why 12 year old, Ashley, thinks dancing is great for personal image

I never miss the opportunity to ask a person what personal image means to them, so when year 8, Ashley Gen, came to my studio on work experience, I had to ask: is personal image important at the age of 12?

What do you think personal image is?
Is it the way a person looks?

Yes. Is image important to girls your age?
Yes.  I know what I like to wear.  I like to dance.  It’s my favourite thing to do. I like dance fashion. I like to choose the things Mum buys forme to wear.

Do you think there is pressure on young girls your age to have a certain image?
For some girls, not everyone.  I don’t think I have too.

What does dancing do for your image?
Dancing helps with my fitness, posture and strength. It teaches me how to do my hair and makeup for productions.

Do you play sport?
Yes.  I play netball.  I like to be fit and healthy.  That’s important to feel good.

What would you most like to do in life?
Become a professional dancer.  Or an Optometrist.  I wear glasses.

Maybe you could design ear wear one day?
*giggles*  I liked learning about make up today that was fun.  I don’t know about designing.

What would you recommend a young dancers, like yourself, wear to classes?It depends on the type of dance you are doing.  Ballet has a set uniform, but Jazz, contemporary dancing and hip hop are a bit different.

I’m not doing ballet at the moment.  For contemporary dance or Jazz we need to wear black leggings and leotard.  I like to wear 3/4 leggings.  Black leggings and leotard are plain, but you can express your personality in the singlet or T-shirt you wear over the leotard and in your sweat shirt or hoodie.

Black leggings Dance top jazz shoes Leotards Purple sweatshirt

What would we find in your dance bag?
Water, a good antiperspirant deodorant, different shoes I need for dance and cellphone.

Dance bag

Deoderant Water Bottle

What’s the best way for a female dancer to wear her hair?
It is important to always wear your hair up when you are dancing.  It’s tidy and out of the way.  It is also more professional looking.  I like french plaits or a tidy pony tail.

french braid Ponytail

Sam’s Home Made Slow Cooker Muesli


I’m not one to eat eggs in the morning. I wish I could because I know a protein filled breakfast is great for a person. But what I crave in the morning is high energy, nutty tasting cereals followed by a hot green tea.

Finding a delicious refined sugar-free, healthy muesli is a challenge. Most are filled with dried fruit bits and not much else, which drives me bonkers, and they are way to sweet. I end up picking all those fruity bits out; especially the raisins (once I even broke a tooth on ‘dried raisin’).

Sick of feeling unsatisfied I decided to make my own. My friend, Kylie showed me a recipe her trainer Mish McCormack had given her. I liked it, but I still found it too sweet. It was also missing the protein component. So I put together all my breakfast-cereal favourites, adding some super-foods I’d read are great for health, and viola!

Here’s my recipe, I hope you like it.

2x tbls of coconut oil
2x tbls of manuka honey
2x tbls of coconut sugar
4 cups wholemeal oats
2 cups mixed pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds,chopped almonds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries
1/4 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup dried Goja berries
1/2 cup macadamia nuts
1/2 cup shredded coconut


Turn the slow cooker on high and wait for it to heat up. Add coconut oil and wait for it to melt. Once melted wipe it around the slow cooker bowl. Add honey & coconut sugar and soften. Add all remaining ingredients and stir together.

Leave slow cooker on high for an hour. Stirring occasionally. Then turn slow cooker down to low for 2-3 hours. Stirring every 20 mins or so.

Serve with milk of your choice or organic yogurt. Use as a crumble on top of stewed fruit too.

Sam’s chocolate mousse


This easy to make delicious chocolate mousse is an absolute family favourite. You can whip it up and eat it straight away or make it early in the morning and put it in the freezer for a delectable ice cream!

1x mango
1x large banana
2 tbls of maple syrup
2 tbls of cacao powder
4 tbls spoons of coconut water

To make
Blend all ingredients together well. If powder sticks to the sides of the blender, stop and scrape powder into mixture. Blend a little longer.

Pour into small size ramekin bowls.

Serves 4x people.

Top with cacao nibs and/or cacao chocolate chips.


Sam x